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3 Tips for Grandparents of Incoming College Students

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With summer half way through, there are plenty of new graduates who are looking forward to going to college. You may already have experienced this wonderful milestone with your children, but now you get to experience the same events from a grandparents’ perspective. The fears and stresses might not be the same as their parents, but with the relationship that you have with your grandchild, you can not help but be just as excited. But what is a grandparent to do during this challenging but fun time in their grandchild’s life?

Grandparents and their college aged grandchildren

Here are some tips for grandparents of incoming college students.

1. Be a support system to them.

– The transition from their teenage years to adulthood can be confusing and stressful, but being a constant support system to them could help them through the process. Let them know that you are there for them, and that you will be there whenever they need someone to listen to them. Having a family of support systems from grandparents to parents to siblings, gives them plenty of opportunity to open up, especially when they are feeling stressed out or if they are seeking advice from experienced family members. Continue to be their cheerleaders as they navigate through their college years.

2. Keep in touch.

– Keep in touch with your grandchildren. A quick email or text, here and there would be ideal for their busy schedules. Remember that there is so much going on for them, especially in their first year of college. They may be busy with exams, making new friends or with other activities, so do not feel hurt if you do not get a response right away or as often as you would like. However, messages to wish them good luck on exams or projects can be a welcomed way to keep in touch with them.

3. Keep traditions alive or make new traditions.

– As your grandchildren were growing up, you may have established traditions that they loved and enjoyed, such as Easter baskets or sending them cards on Valentine’s Day. Even though they are now adults, they may still appreciate these traditions, especially when they are homesick. You could also send cookies and treats to them during their exam weeks. A sweet treat or a little gift may be what they need during their exam cramming sessions to remind them that someone is always cheering them on.

Some grandparents want to pay or assist in paying for their grandchildren’s college tuition. An investment in their future may be a part of a great legacy that you leave behind as you watch your grandchildren challenge themselves and aspire for their goals. Some grandparents turn to reverse mortgages to help invest in their grandchildren’s college. If you would like to learn more about reverse mortgages and other ways that you can use this loan, speak with a Senior Advisor at 1-888-808-8486.


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