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The Key to Remaining Independent

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The key to remaining independent is building financial security for your retirement years. Having financial security can ensure that you have enough cushion for emergencies and the ability to pay your bills.


Understanding how much money you need to save for a comfortable retirement can help you achieve your financial goals. For those who find that they haven’t saved enough, some individuals even look to extending their working years to make sure that they have enough money to remain independent during retirement.

For many seniors, remaining independent is an important factor as they age and many feel that aging in place as a priority. Reverse mortgages can help senior homeowners age comfortably in place by providing them with additional income from their home, without having to worry about paying back the lender. Seniors can find comfort and a peace of mind with reverse mortgages because they are able to use their funds however they choose – from using it as part of their emergency savings, to paying off their mortgage and debt or to renovate their homes. The flexibility on how a reverse mortgage can be used can help seniors build financial security that they are looking for in retirement.

To learn more about how a reverse mortgage can help you, speak with a Senior Advisor at 1-888-QUALIFY.

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