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Reverse Mortgage for Your Medical Expenses

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Can you use your reverse mortgage for your medical expenses?

Using a Reverse Mortgage for Medical Expenses

Medical and home care expenses can quickly become expensive. Many reverse mortgage clients often use their funds to help pay for these expenses so that they are able to age in place safely, while staying healthy. If you did not know, one of the great perks of having a reverse mortgage is that there are no limitations on how you can spend your money. This is ideal for those who want to use it to help assist in paying for medical and home care expenses, which would otherwise be very expensive.

Here are some things reverse mortgages can help pay for:

1. Long-term care and insurance.

2. Prescription medicine.

3. Medical co-payments.

4. Medicare deductibles.

5. Life insurance.

6. Uncovered medical supplies or equipment such as prescription glasses or hearing aids.

7. In-home caregivers.

8. Other medical expenses.

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