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5 Ways You Can Keep the Home Safe for Seniors

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More senior homeowners are looking to age in place in their homes, however, with age, comes physical changes that may make it difficult or unsafe to move around the home. Here are some safety tips you can use to make your home safer for you or other family members.

Home Safety for Seniors

Alarms: All homes should be equipped with fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. For seniors who may be hearing impaired, special alarms equipped with strobe lights can be used to notify the homeowners of any possible danger that may occur in the home. Homeowners should also have fire extinguishers available in the home, especially the kitchen.

Lighting: The home should have adequate lighting to help keep older homeowners safe and prevent falling, especially near the stairs and other areas frequently used. Motion sensor lights installed outside the home can also protect homeowners by discouraging burglars from targeting the home.

Carpeting: Loose carpeting or rugs can be potential hazards that can cause someone to trip or fall. Remove rugs or use double sided tape to attach the rugs safely to the ground.

Stairs: Ensure that the floorboards on the stairs are secured to prevent falling. Light switches should be installed at both the top and the bottom of the stairs to provide a well-lit walkway.  Handrails can also be installed on both sides of the stairs to provide extra assistance when moving around.

Bathrooms: Non-slip mats can be placed inside the bathtub or shower to lessen the possibility of falling. Installing grab bars attached to the walls can prevent falls when moving around in the bathroom.

These safety tips are able to help you continue to age safely and comfortably in your home. Reverse mortgages can help older homeowners by providing the funds necessary to pay for renovations or updates to keep their home safe. It can also be used as an opportunity for seniors to provide the financial padding they may need in case of an emergency. To learn more about the reverse mortgage, speak with one of our Senior Advisors at 1-888-808-8486.

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